Fannin County's Whitfield Wins "Forged in Fire"

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FANNIN COUNTY, TX -  Cordale Whitfield is from Telephone, TX and after finding his passion for making knives, he applied for A&E’s “Forged in Fire” show in May of 2020.

“I didn’t think I was going to win it, I was just up there to have fun and build a knife, I’m just glad I was able to carry it that far,” Whitfield said.

He found out he made it to the show in March of 2021.

Not thinking much about making it on or even winning, he just wanted to try new things and enjoy his time.

“When I got that email saying that I made it on the show I was definitely excited,” Whitfield said.

The competition consists of three rounds of four contestants and each round is a surprise as to what they will be building.

“First round we got mystery boxes to make our knives out of, I got piper inches, made it through the first round, second round we had to make our handles out of the boxes and the third and final round we had to make medieval sword of mystery and mine was just able to win it,” Whitfield said.

Whitfield found his love for knife making just two years ago and partnered up with Travis Payne to create knives together.

Whitfield used Travis’ shed to build his final round knife in.

“I started making knives in the shop, at my home shop just piddling around with an angle grinder, Travis needed some help and he saw that I was working on it and he helped me out and we just started making knives together and the rest is history,” Whitfield said.

The show aired on June 16th, and Whitfield said since then he hasn’t stopped thanking people for their support.

Whitfield won $10,000 and his knives made it on the show’s wall of champions.

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