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Commercial passenger service is one step closer to becoming reality at McKinney National Airport.

MCKINNEY, TX - "This week, the city of McKinney made significant progress towards potentially offering commercial flights in the future.

According to news television station WFAA, members of McKinney’s city council voted in favor of putting up a $200 million bond proposal before local residents to vote and decide on during a bond election, which is set to take place in May of this year.

The funds from the proposed bond would go towards building a commercial terminal at the McKinney National Airport. At this current juncture, the city’s airport is utilized for both corporate and private flights, in addition to aviation training.

WFAA reports that the bond would help pay for around two-thirds of the approximate cost of the commercial airline project. The rest of the price tag for the proposed project would potentially come from other sources, including federal grants and low-interest loans, according to the City of McKinney website.

The prospect of offering commercial airline service in McKinney has been in the works since all the way back in 2012.  Since then, the city of McKinney says  that city leaders have spent substantial time making sure that commercial flight services were both feasible and in the best interests of local residents.

McKinney is located over 30 miles from two major airports in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field.

Amidst the rapidly growing population in North Texas, McKinney Mayor George Fuller told CBSDFW that a third commercial airport in the region is necessary to keep up with the rising demand.

“Commercial passenger service has always been something [we’ve] contemplated,” said Fuller to CBSDFW.

Fuller also says that while he cannot specify which airlines the city has been in contact with, there has definitely been interest.

“Although I’m under an NDA, non-disclosure agreement, and cannot disclose which airlines we’re talking to… I can tell you we have significant interest from the major airlines that are serving this region,” said Fuller to WFAA."

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