Largest General Ag & Turf Headed to Van Alstyne


At last week’s Van Alstyne City Council meeting, the final stamps of approval were put on the relocations of two area United Ag & Turf facilities to be combined into one and relocated to Van Alstyne.

The locations to be relocated are currently in McKinney and Sherman, and there 27 other facilities around Texas and Oklahoma that primarily offer John Deere machinery.

United Ag & Turf’s spokesman at the meeting talked during the Zoning Board of Adjustments, in which it was a voting item. Plans for the new facility were approved unanimously by the council during the ZBA section and the regular meeting.

The new facility will be located on 12 acres on the south side of Van Alstyne, between U.S. Highway 75 and Kelly Lane. The council approved its rezoning from general commercial to planned development. Construction is slated to begin later this year, with an estimated completion date of early 2021; however, the company spokesman said that date could move up. The business will move into the new location in January 2021 or when the city issues the certificate of occupancy. The facility will be about 45,000 square feet and, later on, there are plans to build a small two-to-three bay mock shop technician training center in Van Alstyne to prepare potential and new hires. The spokesman said this would be the largest facility in the General Ag & Turf chain.

He also said, using graphics, that the business plans to move most employees to Van Alstyne, though some could be relocated to a Dallas administrative office and landscape store.

The company has jobs ranging in salaries from $12 an hour to $20 an hour for administrative/secretarial/clerk work and $75,000 a year to $250,000 a year for sales reps on a commission-based comp plan. The company also provides training for employees onsite and at John Deere training centers across the country.


From Van Alstyne Leader | Mary Jane Farmer 

Van Alstyne City Council approves the relocations of two area United Ag & Turf facilities.

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