Realtor to Take Christmas Photos @Your Front Door

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Photo | Eric Medders of Eric Medders Realty Group is prepared to provide thousands of households with free Christmas digital photos, snapped from the comfort of "@Your Front Door".


It has become their tradition, to provide as many families as possible free Christmas photos.  This year, Eric Medders & his team knew they would need to be creative in response to COVID-19, and guaging the ability for families to participate.  With the uncertainty of attending events and family safety, the creative group came up with "@Your Front Door Christmas Photos."  Instead of families heading to a destination, they will simply step out their front door for the photo opportunity.  

"This year families have faced more change and challenges than they deserve.  We weren't going to give up on them, or our dream of giving. We knew we wanted to provide as many families as possible their traditional family photo, we just needed a plan to safely deliver.  It's tough, we want to provide every family this opportunity, but this year has taught us to do the best we can.  We will be offering every family in four large subdivisions the photo visit, and all they have to do is stay home and step out when they hear our Christmas music coming down their street!" said Medders.

Medders emphasized there would be no way to produce the digital photo gifts and albums without Griff Servati.  The locally favorite photographer, Servati teams up with the Eric Medders Realty Group again this year.  He toured events in Melissa, Anna and Van Alstyne with the Medders team for Christmas photo opps in 2019.  The events and "The Red Truck Photos"  were a huge success, and the team planned to return and expand this year.  

  Red Truck Photos

Photo by Griff Servati | |  Red Truck Photos Gifted in 2019 by Eric Medders Realty Group


"We love being at the events, meeting the families, making friends and providing the photo Christmas gift.  We've met several families that have not had a recent family photo taken, some have never had one.   It's such a great feeling to be able to gift them," Medders said.

The first two weekends of December will find Medders & the team converging on four Anna and Melissa communities.

"We are working with neighborhood social media pages to help us spread the word and prepare the families for the day we are in their neighborhoods.  Each has been so generous, but logisitics has been a challenge.  We're heavily relying on word of mouth, neighbors telling neighbors.  Our lead car will be alerting families the photography team is not far behind.  Just enough time to grab the kids, fix their hair and step out as we arrive. We also will be on Facebook LIVE from our business page with location updates, we're planning on using it like a Santa Tracker.  I think we may be more excited than the families that will be photographed!" said Medders.

@your front door Christmas Photos

The following day, all photos will be posted in a community album on Facebook @ Eric Medders Realty Group-Keller Williams.  "We hope all of the families will love their digital images, and bring a good memory of 2020.  We do not watermark the images and they are absolutely free.  It's a big undertaking,  planning begins early in the year.  It's a true annual highlight for our real estate team, and we hope the families feel the same," ended Medders. 

Reservations are not required for families to have their photo taken.  Those planning to participate can help the Medders team plan ahead by sending a message of their address on the group's Facebook page.  


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